Location: West End, Tortola

How is it already day 21? With such an amazing group of students, these past three weeks have absolutely flown by! From sailing to scuba diving to water sports, we’ve done it all, and each student shines in their own way! Ryan absolutely shreds at wakeboarding and is known throughout the fleet for it. Anna’s smiles and positive attitude keep the whole boat afloat, and she’s also a fantastic person to Pico with. Emiliano, otherwise known as Popop, is always keen to jump in the water and get the whole group swimming. Lexie’s excellent helming skills led us to success during the races! She’d make a great skipper one day! Joao absolutely annihilated sail trim to get our sails in a perfect way every time. His favorite line is the traveler! Alexia is always so attentive in class, asking questions to be the star pupil that she is. Nat always keeps us smiling with her funny faces. She’s also great at sailing and diving is always keen to volunteer for more! Rita is great at diving! Was so comfortable underwater and looked an absolute natural. Ty loves to keep the boat laughing and was happiest when Pico sailing with Joao! Ronnie was such a great friend to everyone onboard and was always helpful with everything, from leading Lifeworks to helping others with sail trim! Gabby was always keen to help with anchor team and loves to try to go sailing and windsurfing! Melissa always keeps the Wind Shadow colorful with her beautiful drawings and witty humor. It’s been a fantastic three weeks and we wish you the best in your future endeavors! date: Jul 28, 2017