Location: Townsville, Australia

Getting up early once again, we went to visit the Billabong Wildlife Sanctuary. While at the Wildlife Sanctuary, we pet kangaroos, koalas, and wombats, which decided that our feet would be a good place to pee while being held. We got to see a crocodile feeding and watched the crocs jump out of the water to try and get their lunch! We spent a few hours visiting the native animals before we took a bus to a hill that looks over Townsville. After looking at the vast spaces that the view provided, we headed back down the hill and went back to the hostel, where we were given about ten minutes to change into our swimsuits. Taking the bus to the beach, we were given a few hours to relax, swim, or do whatever we wanted on the beach. After our free time, we walked back to the hostel and ate delicious Mexican cuisine, with myself eating eight tacos. Now is a good time to rest up for our long day of bus traveling tomorrow on our way to the Daintree Rainforest!