Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was a crazy day! The weather wasn’t so good but we still made it really fun! We had to go to Savanna Bay and the ride there was wild. The boat was rocking everywhere and we got soaked, but that was definitely my favorite part of the day. Our day otherwise wasn’t as crazy as that though. We woke up and ate a great breakfast that consisted of muffins and scrambled eggs. Then we started our journey. Halfway through we stopped for lunch and the Vegas learned about scuba gear. Then we went on our way to Savanna Bay. When we got there we learned how to put the anchors in the water properly. At this point we were all freezing so we got to go for a swim in the warm water. After that we got to take showers on the boat. Now we are sitting together in the galley while some of us play cards, others cook dinner, and I am writing the blog. I like this time of day because we are all together and it’s really calm compared to how the rest of the day is. I’m looking forward to the rest of camp, I just hope we will have more sun!