Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today our boat woke up knowing that we had to prepare for the race. First, we ate oatmeal to get ready. As the skipper, I was taken to Vivo Libre for a short briefing on the race to West End. The race was a straight shot, having our sails trimmed on a beam reach (halfway out). Our boat pulled up the mainsail to get ready for the race. As soon as all the boats were lined up, we heard the starting line for the countdown… as it reached one everybody raced to pull up our jib. When the jibs were up, all the boats dashed forward. Mary Jewell gained an unobtainable lead, so the race was now for second. Our boat dashed behind Mary Jewell, trying to hold our spot. Halfway through the race another boat, Knot Guilty, shot up from behind us and started to gain on us. Enraged by being in third our boat made a bold move to head upwind and switch to a broad reach to get the lead. As our boats approached the end, we were neck and neck. And by true justice, we took the lead and prevailed over Knot Guilty. After we enjoyed a nice lunch in West End and had a very choppy motor to Peter Island to spend the night there, this boat has Wicked Good sailors!