Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The Divemasters began our very busy day at 6:00 this morning, grabbing a quick breakfast of granola bars and then heading to the beach to set up for the first Rotation Day of the session. Rotation Days consist of four activities in which we take turns participating: dinghy sailing or windsurfing, water sports, skills practice, and my personal favorite, diving. The Vegas took their first breaths underwater today, completing their first confined water dive. The DM’s and the dive instructors helped the beginner divers set up their kits and complete their dives. It was positively wonderful helping new divers take their first underwater breaths in the exact location where I did the same thing three years ago.
We grabbed another quick meal of sandwiches for lunch then went right back to our activities. The Vegas had a great time doing water sports with Hedrek, Breakaway’s skipper. Maria stood up on a wakeboard for the first time after just a few tries, and Matt showed off his skiing skills! We ended the day with a dinner of rice and chili and had a squeeze. We all got lots of sun and salt today, and the DM’s got to do several tank runs in the dinghy, providing full tanks for the other divers and switching out the empty ones. We’re looking forward to more sun tomorrow and to see what comes next in our courses!