Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Skipper Kali here! Today started early for most of us with a breakfast of french toast and a quick swim. I was able to get everyone moving on time for the first and only dive of the day. I dove with Matt, and we got lost at Mountain Point, but it was worth it because we saw a hawksbill turtle. The turtle and I just chilled next to each other enjoying each others strange and awesome presence! Our first stop was Leverick Bay, and I had to sail through three feet of water while enjoying a chocolate bar. I also docked our beautiful Mahi Mahi perfectly on the dock. After a very expensive lunch, we set sail again to a place called Vixen Point. When we arrived, the Dolphins set out for a quick snorkel in the mangroves. I got to see my first sea anemone hidden in a rock with four lobsters. Afterward, everyone on board went to the beach to play the turtle game. It consists of crawling through dozens of peoples legs, spinning around seven times, and then running through a field of instructors. Everyone had lots of fun, but I think Lydia had the most. Time for me to go now, I have the dance to attend, and I must say that everyone looks very handsome. Tah-Tah for now!