Location: Muskemelon Bay, Guana

Wake up time was 7 am this morning for the Boss Ladies and Gents. Tierney and Nick made french toast for us. Meg and Sam had to leave during breakfast for their staff meeting. We had a yummy breakfast then clean up. When Sam and Meg got back, we found out that our original plans to dive the Chikuzen were pushed back a day due to huge waves. So we flip-flopped our day plans from diving the Chikuzen to finished our rescue training. We motored from Marina Cay to Sommer’s Beach. There we completed our last navigation dive. For lunch, we had tortilla soup. It was the last time we are going to let the boys cook lunch. They added a lot of mystery food into the soup. Even though they didn’t follow the directions, the soup turned out well. After lunch a little sunbathing, then we got back in the water to finish our rescue training. We practiced different ways to get an unresponsive diver out of the water. We finally finished our in-water training. Once everyone finished using their big biceps we motored over to Muskmelon Bay. After anchoring some of us studied for our DAN O2 test, others went waterskiing. Then it was time for everyone’s favorite part of the day, shower time. Even the shower time was interesting today. Chili and rice is on the menu for dinner tonight. After dinner, we are going to take our DAN O2 test and finish the last section of writing work in our rescue book. Hopefully tomorrow we can finally die the Chikuzen!