Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Author: Lily Evans

June 20th, 2021, was quite an eventful day. First, the shipmates of Odin II were awoken by energetic thoughts of the awaiting rumble of the dingy engine. The crew members were practically jumping over each other to try and drive the dingy around mountain point. After, the crew members had an exhilarating day of diving. Today was fish identification, so the Odin II crew members dove 12ft with their slates and identified as many fish as possible. My buddy and I were able to identify 11, while Lucy and Elizabeth observed “a black, grey and green spotted octopus on the underside of a big horizontal and vertical rock.” After our fun excursion underwater, the day got even better. Today was another great day of PBJ’s (aka Nutella sandwiches) for lunch. Afterward, we went around the bay with skis, wakeboards, and kneeboards, and Miguel even did a 360° even though it was only his second time kneeboarding!! Following our fun activities, Garret and Inês taught the crew members knots, and we all played an innovative round of jeopardy to prepare us for our sailing test at the end of the trip. Dinner was the best one yet, being chicken risotto and corn. Honestly, it did not sound appealing at first, but Rodrigo and his sous chef Jack are masterminds in the kitchen. If the day wasn’t exciting enough, Inês decided to chop, and I mean literally chop her hair. Hannah brought out the knife, and there was a standing crowd supporting the decision. To bring the night to an end, the crew members of Odin II had a deep life works form followed by delicious blondies by our wonderful staff!! Off to bed as we are all exhausted and prepping for our thrilling adventure to the baths and Spanish town tomorrow!