Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

The day started with a “pleasant” 7:00 am wake up. Everyone ate cereal for breakfast then we cleaned up and headed to the Rhone. After a relaxing motor to the Rhone, everyone was very pleased with my skipper skills on the helm. At the Rhone, we descended to about 70 feet and explored the historic wreck. Many people were able to see the biggest eagle ray ever, but unfortunately, most people like me missed it. After the dive, we motored a few minutes to Salt Island, and we took the opportunity of hiking the island and enjoying the beauty of the B.V.I’s. We then motored back to Great Harbour Peter, but unfortunately, I fell asleep, so the Boss Ladies didn’t have another chance to enjoy my skippering. At GHP we did a surprise rescue scenario and some training. My amazing and talented and skilled dive buddy Beccy was able to overcome the challenges of the Rescue course. In the evening we swam around and continued bonding with each other. For dinner, we had the honor of hosting Mike and his son. After dinner, we all surprisingly got to know each other even more by playing with Mike’s postcard game. We had to pick a card that reminded us of something we liked about ourselves, something we didn’t like, and one that reminded us of a good friend.