Location: Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Today we started with a little sleep-in as we waited to find out what happened to Chloe N’s bag. Once we woke up, the boat crew set up a nice breakfast for us. Once we ate, we explored Airlie Beach; we went shopping and to the beach. The beach was very rocky, and it was hard to navigate around it to find a nice spot to swim. After this, we prepared to set sail! It was raining, and the weather was not very good, but the winds were strong, and that let us go very fast to our destination. We all learned some new things about sailing and boat safety as we helped raise the sail and spoke to our captain. Once we got to our destination, we all wanted to jump into the crisp turquoise water surrounding the green islands, but, we had to wait until we finished lunch. After our meal, we were all eager to snorkel through the colorful reefs. There were all sorts of bright fish swimming through the coral and sponges. Also, we got the chance to explore the caves on the island and climb rocks to look out at the harbor. Once we were done snorkeling, we climbed back aboard our sailboat and had a diving contest off of the front of the boat and then set sail once again. As we were sailing, our captain, Mal, pointed out that there was a humpback whale and it’s baby swimming beside our boat. We were all surprised to see the wales jump out of the ocean and fly right through the sunset!! After that, we had all gone up to the front of the boat and just relaxed until we anchored for the night.