Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we motored to West End after eating an early morning breakfast of cereal and oatmeal. Once we got to West End, we all got COVID tests and had a bit of shore time. We got lunch and shopped around the town for about two hours before leaving to come to GHP, where we are spending the night. The motor over was wavy and windy, and this gave some of us the idea to sit on the trampoline at the front of the boat and let the waves soak us, which was very fun. By the time we got to GHP, it was around 5:00, so we all salt-water showered, and the chefs started making dinner. For dinner, it was Mexican night, burritos and quesadillas. We had a round of squeeze and are now cleaning up after dinner. Tomorrow we are planning to dive at the Rhone, which we are all very excited about!