Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up nice and early this morning to eat breakfast and pick up the anchor by 7:15. We motored to West End for a port day. We all got a couple of hours on shore to shop and eat while our boat was restocked with food, fuel, and water. It was a big wake-up moment for all of us when we realized we were back where we started this trip and that we only have a few days left. This boat has grown and has become a family. At 11:30, we left the dock and sailed to our dive site of the day. We dove at a cool site called the Indians. There was a beautiful coral wall with lots of pretty fish. After the dive, we chilled, pumped the tanks, and motored over to GHP where we dropped anchor for the night. Once we arrived, we took quick showers and ate a delicious meal of burritos. I think this is one of the favorite meals on the boat. We are currently doing a speedy cleanup. Tonight we’ll be on Peeps Larou hanging out and studying for the final exam tomorrow. As this trip is coming to a close, we are sad but happy we’ve had the experience and are so happy about these lifelong friendships we have developed — goodbye and goodnight from the crew of Distant Drums.