Location: West End, Tortola

We had a busy morning today finishing up all the little projects around the yard area where our container was set up. I say it was because just before lunch it was towed away, empty! All but two of our dinghies are now fully outfitted and in the water. Our dock looks pretty crowded with 20 small boats tied to it! Just before dinner, we added yet another boat- Ocean Star and her crew, fresh off a week-long passage. Ocean Star is our 88-foot schooner that sails as part of our college program, Seamester, and is based in the Caribbean year round. In addition to her seven crew, we added five more team members. We are thrilled to welcome Al, Brittany, Brad, Tor, Jake, Greg, Nash, Zac, Addie, Nikki, Leah, and Tucker to the group! We are growing in size, and can’t wait to start the staff training part of our setup time in the next couple days. Only a week to go until the first program starts, and we couldn’t be more excited!