Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today we woke up in Muskmelon Bay and had cereal for breakfast since we accidentally slept in and didn’t have time to cook scrambled eggs. It worked out fine in the end since it allowed for more time to hang our and get ready for our dive. After a lot of long, hard work we were finally ready to complete our final two open water dives needed to become certified. On our first dive we saw some trigger fish along with swimming through a beautiful school of fish. During the surface interval between the first and second dive we got to spend some time with the other Vegas and DMs on Tropical Oasis. On the second dive we saw a hermit crab and a cute little silver and yellow fish that swam next to Reagan for the duration of the dive. After surfacing we went back to our boat to eat soup before taking our final scuba written exam. Everyone was nervous to take the test but everyone passed! We’re now all certified open water divers! Following this Elise from Blue Tide and Mason taught us how to tie Turk’s Head knots. We had a lot of fun making matching bracelets and anklets. Finally we motored over to Sommer’s Beach for the second beach BBQ. We’re all super excited to hang out with the other boats and eat some great food. Time to go eat burgers!