Location: West End, Tortola

The first crew members of the JV2 arrived around 2 pm, and a few hours later they were joined by the second group. After Nathan, Layne, Virginia, and myself were settled, we began the wait. We slowly became acquainted with one another while getting to know our staff, Craig, Jake, and Anna. Over the next few hours, more crew began to appear, and they marveled over the beautiful view, just as the earlier crew had. Finally, we settled down for supper after scrambling to get it cooking (thank you, Virginia and Nathan). The tortellini and salad were quite delicious, and it was great to finally sit down and eat as a crew, minus four. After the stupendous meal, Michael, Louise, Layne, Virginia, Mai, Jeanne, Nathan, and I cleaned the first set of dishes, while experiencing Anna’s crazy dish towel obsession. We had a quick chat about the basics of the boat rules, and then the fun began. We realized that the boat was open to sleeping, and we completely took advantage of that. Nathan, Louise and I slept in the cockpit, Michael in the blue lagoon, Virginia and Layne on the bow, Mai and Jeanne down below, and the staff in their “usual” beds. Around midnight we met Jess and Emily… right in time for the rain.