Location: Nice, France

Today was the first day of our journey, and before arriving I did not not know what to expect. I got to Port Lympia to meet the group, but I was a very early and the majority of the other kids had not arrived. The the two who were here were very welcoming, as was the crew. I checked out the boat and was completely shocked. Argo is incredible. The deck is super clean, down below, everything is very spacious, but what was even greater than the boat, is the people. When all the other kids arrived I was really glad to see how everyone was just as excited for this adventure as I am. Throughout the day the environment on the boat was welcoming, vivacious and really just an absolute blast. Getting to know everyone has been fun and I really enjoy the diversity in character throughout the crew. Although we all have a lot in common, everyone here seems to bring a lot of different interests and passions to the table. Our conversations have been educational yet playful. Talking to others about past experiences and things we’re passionate about is always fun, and we’ve been doing a lot of that since we all first met. Although we’ve only had a few hours together I feel like I know everyone really well, (although I still need to learn some names) and that the chemistry we all have when spending time together is really nice. This is going to be a great trip, full of lots of new experiences and I can’t imagine their is anything else I’d rather be doing.