Location: Great Harbor, Peter

Today chefs woke up early to make scrambled eggs and cranberry orange muffins. It was very good. After breakfast Neptunes went on a wreck dive of the Fearless. Dolphins did a research dive. We surveyed four quadrants placed every ten feet. We took a look at what types of coral and algae there was. Later we had a great lunch of grilled cheese! We all teamed together and finished super fast. After lunch Neptunes had another boat dive. The rest of the Dolphins came to our boat and we went on a snorkel. We had to look for invertebrates and bring at least one back to examine. We played a game to see who could name the kingdom, phylum, class, family, genus, and species for each one. It was Odyssea vs Grand Cru. Odyssea totally won! We found a flamingo tongue and a bunch of hermit crabs and also a sea urchin. After the other boats left Kris put us into training. We needed to practice hooking the mooring ball. After successfully hooking the ball twice Kris blindfolded himself and we had to instruct where we were going and we were also successful with that! After showers, we get a Thanksgiving feast. This is going to be so delicious. Mashed potatoes and turkey are my favorite. Later tonight there is a movie night with the rest of the boats. I’m so excited! I wonder what the movie will be ……..the end!