Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Last night a team of brave souls did a night dive operation that consisted of putting Clark’s dirty underwear and moldy bread on to Happy Our’s anchor chain so that when they pulled it up in the morning, they would have a surprise. This morning everyone woke up enthusiastically to see Happy Our raising their anchor. After a great breakfast, we set sail to Blue Chromis reef where we went diving. The Dolphins did a fun dive while we, the Neptunes, did skills outside a wreck. After surfacing, we had a tasty lunch made by Isabelle, Alina, and Levi. After lunch, we went diving again on wreck alley. We penetrated the wreck this time. When we first went down, no one knew what to expect, but we entered through a door and practiced using the reel to navigate the wreck. We saw a bunch of sardines and colorful fish. We also saw a HUGE southern stingray. We motored back to Great Harbor, Peter Island where we studied for our final Neptune exams. The Dolphins practiced their final presentations. We ate breakfast for dinner, and while clean up was happening, we jammed to Taylor Swift. After we jammed, it was time to face the final obstacle of getting our certifications by taking our final test. Everyone passed, and I got a 94! The grades were a perfect ending to a perfect day!