Location: Leverik Bay, Virgin Gorda

Ever since I was a little Dolphin Pup (Baby? Child? Joey?) I dreamed about inscribing the daily journey, immortalizing it for all of the internet time. Today, I, and you dear readers, we’re in for a treat. 7 days at sea brought us an exciting change of scenery as the crew of the TropiCOOL (like tropical, get it?) had our first day at port. None of us slept extremely well; whether it was people falling out of hammocks, or the poor soul who opened the roof to half a gallon of rainwater, we all had an early morning start. Kenneth was the chef today, delighted to be cooking french toast. Sweet Spot, a neighboring boat, requested tropicool serenades, and the musical members of the crew were happy to oblige with bellowing voices from across the marina. After breakfast, we traveled a good 5 feet to complete our second fish I.D. Dive and sequentially traveled back, while underwater, to our original location with a heavy current and a face full of jellyfish; after the dive, AH A MATTRESS MUTINY. One of the mattresses decided it would rather take its chances on the great Atlantic than spend another day with this loving crew. After the Mutiny was resolved, we traveled to port, and let me tell you; it was an emotional step onto the dock for the first time. As I suspect most of you haven’t been to Leverik marina, so as a little tour, there was a dive shop, a small restaurant, and a pharmacy. Nothing has been sweeter than shopping for our own stuff. After shopping through the grocery mart, the crew traveled to the restaurant, which had no seating and a 30-minute wait. Boat PB and J’s kept us all fed. The moment of bliss came when we were returned our phones, and we were able to contact all of you lovely readers for the first time in a week. After the trip to the port, we docked as a fleet, and the crew split up. The Neptunes learned about boats and that leeward does not actually mean the left side of the ship (it means the side sheltered from the wind). The Dolphins took a long dinghy ride to the mangrove forest. There we saw a baby barracuda, a hermit crab, a couple of groupers, and a big school of baby fish. At the end of the night, we had a large quarantine barbecue where we had the first cookout of the program. There, the sweet spot blessed the crew of the Tropicool with a poem, and we returned it with a tear-jerking serenade. After many laughs, we called it a night, traveling back into the deep ocean blue.