Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

We started the day eating delicious French toast. Soon afterward, we were on our way to the next dive site at the Chikuzin, a sunken ship. About 10-15 years ago, a Korean refrigerator ship caught fire during its preparation for becoming an artificial reef off of Tortola. In a panicked attempt to prevent a disaster, the crew tried to tow the ship towards Anegada. However, it only made it halfway there before sinking on its side. The Chikuzin makes a wonderful environment for a variety of creatures to live in because a sandy ocean floor surrounds that many of these creatures can’t inhabit. While diving, we saw plenty of barracuda, tarpon, angelfish, yellowtail snappers, as well as many other smaller creatures.

After a fairly short but awesome dive, we ate a PB+J lunch and sailed to our next spot, Muskmelon Bay. In anticipation of our final night dive, everyone got their snorkels and fins to explore the dive site. Here there were loads of schooling fish, which looked like a never-ending river flowing through the rocks. A few people, including me, got to see eels, shrimp, and crabs as well. Upon our return to the boat, we were welcomed with a hot serving of chili. After finishing up our meal, we all went to set up our dive gear for our final night dive. After buddy checks and flashlights, we entered the water for our descent without our instructors During our dive; there were plenty of fish and lobsters to spot, even with our limited light source. As our 30-minute maximum time began to run out, people were popping up at the bow asking how everybody’s dives were. When we were all on deck, we warmed up with fresh laundry and brownies. Soon after, people were passing out from the long, exciting day.