Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today started great because we got to have a delicious breakfast of pancakes instead of just cereal. After breakfast and cleanup, we practiced our man overboard drills by saving “Bob” the fender from the ocean. It was extra difficult under sail especially because the wind where we were was shifty. After man overboards, we learned about charts and navigation. Since we finished early, we got to hang out and talk and act weird like always. We then went back to our boat where we continued our day of amazing food with grilled cheese for lunch, our best lunch yet. After lunch and clean up, we went wakeboarding and waterskiing.

We all have a lot of fun watching each out since most of us aren’t that good. We then got to do what we’ve all been waiting for, our first open water dive. Yesterday we finally finished all the skills we needed to cover, and so today we got to go on a dive and finally put these skills to practice. We all saw amazing fish and coral up close. It was so much fun! When we got back, we all sang to music and even made up some of our own words like we always do while we showered and cooked dinner. Our dinner also continued the amazing food day because we got to have Thanksgiving dinner. Nash came over for dinner, and it was fun to have someone new. Over dinner, we talked about our spirit animals (both looks and personalities), and all had fun naming different animals for each other. Our boat’s family bond continues to grow closer and closer. We have all decided we are too comfortable around each other because we don’t hide anything. Currently, the table is being used to play a Venezuelan card game where they hit the cards and mess my writing up. Now we have Lifeworks. Hopefully, tomorrow is just as good as today!