Location: Bora Bora to Raiatea

Today we woke up at the Bora Bora yacht club for the last time. It was pretty early morning, and we left the lagoon almost immediately. The water was pretty calm and the wind good for our 3hr motor. Unfortunately, we had some trouble with the halyard so we couldn’t sail from Bora Bora to our destination, Raiatea. When we got to Raiatea, we’d gotten the line free from being wrapped around the mast, so we got some sailing in. We are now anchored in a small bay and got there around noon. After having two meals underway, I think we were all ready for our time ashore. We motored our dinghy to shore, and Julia and Molly told us we were going waterfall hunting! The hike was so cool! We walked in a forest uphill along a stream and came across three different waterfalls, each bigger than the last. After about 40 minutes and two waterfalls, we finally reached the last waterfall. Everyone jumped into the refreshingly cool water and hung out there and swam around. The hike down was nice as well however we had a bit of rain while we were swimming, so it was kind of muddy/slippery. We got back to the boat made dinner and had showers. Now we’re going to have a sail chat and get to sleep.