Location: The Bight, Norman Island

The morning started with a breakfast that consisted of Oreo pancakes, the perfect beginning to an exhilarating day. After breakfast, the boat waved goodbye to our shipmate as she voyaged to Africa. Once all the hugs and tears subsided, divers strapped on their gear and leaped into the water to explore the beautiful reefs that the Rhone anchor had to offer. As the rescue students dismantled their gear, a surprise scenario surfaced causing all hands on deck to chip in and save the “unconscious” diver. After displaying an array of newly learned skills, the boat traveled to Road Town where the shipmates had shore time to eat lunch. With stomachs full and energy high, we hoisted the sails and readied ourselves for the sail of a lifetime. Everyone slathered their faces in war paint as they chanted and sang in the pouring rain. Competitors attempted to overtake Pure Joy throughout the race as they proved to be worthy competition. The exuberance of the boat only heightened as Pure Joy finished first, earning the title of dive side sailing champions! Dinner was started with smiles as the chefs of the day dyed our biscuits and past bright green. After dinner, shipmates spent time writing cards to their new best friends. Overall, the day was undoubtedly one for the books!