Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning was the first in a few days that we didn’t wake up next to another boat. We started the day at Vixen Point with a 7 am wake-up call to clear water and skies. Also with mountains that seem to rise higher and higher every morning. The crew set out to Leverick Bay, where we stocked up on dried prunes and skittles! Or that was just me. After we sailed to Anegada. Anegada was somewhat awkward to see because it’s the only flat island in the BVI. Anegada was beautiful and filled with trees and water the color of light blue I’ve never seen. The winds were strong, and there were whitecaps everywhere in the sea. Sailing was pretty rough for my first time at the helm.

I felt super powerful being a teenage girl looking around and controlling this huge white vessel and the other things around me were nothing but the Atlantic Ocean. Later McKenna took over for me as I took a nap with everyone else on the bow. I woke up for a second time today anchored at Mountain Point. Our vision tonight is looking at Seal Dog and the Dogs. To top off the night, Annie and Joe made delicious beef, beans, and rice. We continued to stuff our tacos and chow down. It’s night time now, and we finished our scuba chats. Final exam tomorrow to test our knowledge. Now it’s time to rest our mind, body, and souls and crash! Sweet dreamin everyone back home!