Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

A late wake up this morning was a great way to start. Everyone was kind of out of it due to our hardcore dancing last night. We made our way to GHP (Great Harbor, Peter) which took quite a long time due to absolutely no wind. We encountered some music issues…since the boys were set on playing their own, meanwhile skipper has the first choice. Once we reached our destination, we ate lunch and then got ready for our second search and recovery dive. We practiced the expanding square search formation to recover a weight belt and lift it back to the surface. For the rest of the day, we worked on our next knowledge review to continue our rescue diver training. Then we cleaned up our boat because we were having some visitors: VISAR (Virgin Islands Search And Rescue). The VISAR team did a small demonstration for an emergency. Justin was the “injured one” and was strapped down for a rescue!

Chadd and Alex helped and were able to get the first ride on the awesome rescue boat with 450 horsepower engine. Everyone got a chance to go on a ride with the team. It was amazing! “It was like a roller coaster!” exclaimed Bubbles (Becca). After VISAR left dinner was ready. Mexican Night! Everyone stuffed their faces and were extremely satisfied. Before watching the next rescue video, we took showers in the dark water where the scary barracudas lurked. The best way to end the day was with a glass of fresh milk and delicious cookies left from our VISAR friends. Thank you VISAR!