Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

We woke up easily with lots of rain. We were not enthusiastic to do a hike with the rain for three hours, but soon after the sun was up it was perfect! We climbed up for one and a half hours, and once we reached the top of the mountain everyone was tired but proud of themselves! We gazed at the beautiful view with a sense of accomplishment. The descent was easier than the climb up but hard too! When we came back to the port, everybody went to the restaurant and ate lunch and went to the shop for souvenirs. Then we came back to the boat and went to a wonderful island with white sand and coconut trees to build a sand castle. It was a competition with all the boats. We built a Jolly Roger titled Knot Guilty. It was awesome! And we swam in the beautiful sea. After we came back on the boat and went on another island. Everybody had showers, and the girls wore beautiful dresses because we went to a party with a BBQ. The food was so good! It was a super night! And after a big day like that everybody came back to the boat and slept like babies!