Location: Vaxholm


Today was our last day to work at the Vasa Museum with Dr.Fred Hocker. What an experience this has been! We’ve definitely added a few wrinkles to our brain with all of the knowledge we’ve soaked up over the last couple of days. At the end of our time at Vasa, Dr. Hocker sat us down and reviewed all of the things we’ve learned. Not only did we learn archaeological skills, but we learned new ways to think and tackle problems, lessons that apply to our lives, not just in archaeology.

After saying farewell to Vasa, we made our way to the Andromeda to prepare for leaving and heading out on our next adventure. Capt. John gave us preparatory information on safety and procedures during emergencies. We were each given a life jacket to keep with us, and we all agreed on the emergency plan to muster in the bridge of the vessel if anything were to go wrong.

Next, we made the steam over to Vaxholm, a historical place in the Stockholm Archipelago that was a strategic defense point against invading enemies trying to reach the capital at Stockholm. We met up with our dear friend Peter, who lives in the fortress at Vaxholm. We docked the boat right in downtown Vaxholm, ordered hamburgers and hotdogs at a nearby kiosk and sat out on the aft deck of the boat and eating our burgers, and listening to a local Swedish sing-along taking place at a restaurant right next to our boat.

We pulled out the mini side-scan sonar and the dinghy and took everything out for a spin to make sure all the equipment was working properly.

After dinner, Peter took us on a tour of his castle home! We climbed the tower all the way to the top and were able to see a beautiful 360-degree view of the archipelago. It was absolutely breathtaking! One of my very favorite parts of spending time in Sweden was the incredible summer sunsets in the Baltic.