Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

It was a great start to the morning, and we got to sleep in till at least 8 am. After that, we had a varied breakfast with both bagels and cereal. The Dolphins and Neptunes split into their groups to do separate but really cool activities. Dolphins took a short dingy ride to Yo Dawg (another ship) to meet with the rest of the Dolphin program to do a sea urchin dissection. It was super slimy, but really cool seeing the insides and learning how the urchin worked. After that was finished, we worked on our projects and researched more into our chosen topics. Later, we did a fun dive/ photographic dive and took *tons* of pictures. During all that, the Neptunes got a chance to dive twice. Not only did they get a fun dive off a dingy, but they also mapped a wreck. It was a fairly deep wreck of a wooden boat called The Fearless.
Later in the evening, when everything had settled down, everyone relaxed and chilled out. No, just kidding. Dolphins continued to work on their research proposal to get turned in by evening.
Looking at the menu, tonight was Thanksgiving, which was unfortunate for the chefs because they had a lot to cook but great for everyone else. It started off smooth, but then they needed help figuring out how to add fractions of cups. Honestly, it was really cool to watch them figure out how to make something they never have before.
As I’m writing, we’re setting up for a mystery movie, ooooo spooky. I’m 90% sure it’s a nature documentary. We’re going into port tomorrow! Mostly for more water and laundry, but also potentially shore? Oh? Could be fun? Regardless, can’t wait for tomorrow.