Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This wonderful morning I was able to wake up to plenty of food as the chefs had set out oatmeal and cereal for everyone on the boat. I was surprised to see that another boat by the name of AQUA MARINE had boarded our close allies TROPICOOL and that TROPICOOL’S Dolphins would be getting on our boat. We headed to Blue Chromis Reef off of Cooper Island and got to dive with good visibility. We saw a bunch of fish we couldn’t identify and one very large barracuda. Then after the dive, others and I were having a blast messing around with the afternoon group of divers doing cannonballs and diving around them. Then after we headed to Grand Harbor Peter and played UNO cards. We danced in the rain listening to music as we waited for dinner to be made, then showered, ate, and then squeezed.

Pictured: the upside-down meditation; Whitney, Zara, and Amélie chilling at Cooper Island; a shark seen on today’s dive; Zach, Zoe, and Finnley jamming out during dinner cleanup; Alex underwater; David hard at work on his research project