Location: Nevis

Nevis We are now one week into our grand adventure and the crew-mates are already so well bonded.

Today started with a breakfast dilemma of frozen milk and hot oatmeal. Once dishes were packed up and clean, it was time to pack a bag for our first hiking trips. Instead of going all the way to the top of the steep island, our goal was The Source, which is the island’s only source of fresh water. Our wonderful cab driver, Barry, met us at the dock and drove us back to the Golden Rock Resort as a starting point of our excursion.

It was an estimated 3-hour hike up and 2 hours down. The plan was to make it by noon so we could enjoy our chicken salad sandwiches prepared by Charter. Being as awesome as we are, we made it all the way up in 2 hours flat. The Source itself is a beautiful waterfall that flows straight up and down, surrounded by lush trees all around.

The hike back down to home base was easier than the trip up. Once we made it back to the Golden Rock, we all treated ourselves to grilled cheeses, chicken Roti’s, and various desserts and smoothies.
Barry very dutifully picked us up from the resort to taxi us over to the village where the majority of us ventured over for ice cream before heading back to our temporary home for the remainder of the night. Tomorrow we set off for Antigua.

Happy early birthday Mom