Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

“Be ready to roll by seven” was the extent of our plan, which resulted in me waking up in a sweat at 5, thinking I’d missed it. Thus, a relaxing start. At seven, we loaded up all the Windsurfers, tent, water jugs, etc., picked up our dear family member Max, and headed over to the beach. There was one side trip to Sea Senora, whose spare anchor had lost its shackle. Stake dove down in his lavender mask – and no, it doesn’t actually smell like lavender, surprisingly!

After setting up at the beach, we had four groups rotate by us, and we repeated all that Travis had taught us. The young people bought it, and almost everybody gave it a try. Some were very skilled; others made up for it in enthusiasm.
When we were just starting dinner prep, Jake said he was going over to Mountain Point, but he’d be back in a little while. Definitely before dinner. Later on, as we were just about finished, he drove past in Shaka, waving and saying, just a little bit longer.
In his absence, Riley took over the squeeze question, helping Max tow four Zests and Bill, our Sunsail dinghy. Max is faced with the difficult decision of whether he wants to go with us fresh food for the whole fleet tomorrow or whether he is staying here in Savannah Bay, Zesting, windsurfing, and laying on the beach, having a day off all to himself.