Location: Boda Hamn

Today was a very lazy and relaxed day, woke up around 9:00 a.m. because I was exhausted, and no one woke me up until then, so I was going to milk as much sleep out of that situation as possible. Today was a day where once everyone was awake; we worked together to figure out a plan for the day. After heavy discussions, we decided to side-scan one of the targets that Carl Douglas’ team had given us, and if we found something, we were going to¬†use our ROV to explore it. After we set everything up in the dinghy, we set off to find a shipwreck that no one had ever laid eyes on before. Sarah, Wilks, Tiago, and I got about three good passes over the wreck, gathering some good images before we decided to go back in and set up for the ROV. Captain John threw out a buoy to mark where the wreck was within a hundred feet of the buoy. Everyone pitched in to help set up the ROV, then we put him in the water, and he was off to discover the ship we had seen on the side-scan just moments before. I was at the helm, Sarah was at my side with the sonar, Tiago was tending the line for the ROV, Wilks was watching, and Captain John was maneuvering the big boat to try and keep it hovering around the buoy.

After we got down about 27 meters, which is like 87 feet, I laid eyes on the wreck for the first time, and it was the coolest experience I’ve ever had. AQ was the first group of people to ever lay eyes on this really old, delicate wreck. After we tried to explore this amazing shipwreck, the ROV (a.k.a “Scooter”) wasn’t handling the current very well, and we couldn’t get very far before it got pushed away by the current. So with a heavy heart, we pulled him up to make some adjustments to his configuration. Unfortunately, we couldn’t put him back in because we lost power to one of the front thrusters in the big boat, and Captain John cant hold one position without it. So we departed the site and anchored in the nearby Bay of Boda. We eventually decided to go to the beach for a little walk and exploration, the beach was cold white sand, people were playing volleyball, and there were about 300 nice camper homes behind the beach. It was like a National Lampoon’s Vacation movie but with Swedish people. There was music, organized soccer games, and volleyball games; it was awesome. After about 30 minutes of walking around, we got in the dinghy and cruised back to the boat and enjoyed an amazing sunset and watched a movie about discovering a sunken cold war Swedish spy plane, which involved one of our friends Carl Douglas who we met the day earlier. After the movie, we all retired to our respective cabins after a long day of excitement and exploration.