Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up in Sandy Spit, water already on for a breakfast of oatmeal. Once the bowls were cleaned and deck-rinsed, we zipped up our PFDs and powered on our engines. We made our way to home base, West End. We filled up our water and got some food for the final stretch, along with another test. After lunch ashore with friends from other boats, we got snacks and memories from the local shops. Back aboard, we sailed to GHP (Great Harbor Peter), and some of us went on a day dive, carrying along some drinks and treats to have underwater. Others showered early or free dove near shore. All but I from our boat was showered and ready for dinner. It was Mexican night, after all. The sun started to set, and dive gear was kitted up. Ale and I were about ready. A night dive had to be made up. Before we splashed in, Rango, the super dinghy from Tropicool, made her way over with two students. Kenny there for fun, the Ashton making up a dive. While everyone, not diving did a knowledge review, we splashed into the chilly waters. Fun was had with the bioluminescence and unease with the large tarpon that circled us during our safety stop. Ale got tired of its circling and scared it off. Back on the boat, we waved goodbye to our friends. I went to sleep and was woken up not long after. We had a talk around 9:30 P.M. We had to kit up our dive gear and load it onto Blaze (our dinghy). So in the morning, we could make our way to Tropicool and dive wreck alley while Aqua Marine was getting her propeller fixed (again). Gear kitted and bags packed, we went to sleep awaiting the early morning coming.