Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning we gathered our dirty clothes and towels together sent them away to be washed. It was laundry day! This was much needed as we were running low on clothes. We finished off the morning with some pancakes and learning a Turk’s head knot. Next, we took our scuba final exam. It wasn’t too hard, and it is the last test we have to take to achieve our scuba certificate. We stopped for some white bean soup for lunch and then got ready for scuba diving. This afternoon was our first open water dive. This meant that we could take in the beauty and abundant life underneath the blue waves, not focusing entirely on scuba skills as we had on previous dives. We saw several schools and types of fish. Tarpon, moon jellyfish and a stingray glided right past us as we floated in the depths of the ocean. The fish and reefs shined with brilliant colors. This was an incredible experience and made me realize how there is a whole other world underneath the surface of the water. For the rest of the trip, I am looking forward to continuing to encounter many more majestic sea life. Today was a terrific day filled with fun and eye-opening experiences, and I can’t wait for tomorrow.