Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Today we started the absolutely joyous day with a navigation dive bright and early in the morning, which consisted of everyone using their compasses to swim in shapes underwater. Unfortunately, however, there was a large hermit crab in the middle of the dive area which caused many divers to move off course, as following the hermit crab quickly became a priority over following the rectangular dive route. After the dive, we sailed to Blue Chromis Reef, where we finished some bookwork and prepared for our second dive of the day. We got back in the water just after noon and started off dive number two with buoyancy practice, and then continued with a fun dive for the second half, where we saw many blue chromises. After the dive we went on to sail to Savannah Bay, completing some more book work and getting a sailing lesson along the way, which proved to be extremely productive as we are all sailing professionals now. We finished off the day with an exquisite sausage and pasta dinner, followed by some more quality book work with the other boats. Overall, day 3 was probably the best day throughout the whole trip.