Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

And it’s another day of sun! More or less. Tropical rains are a thing, after all. But anyway, today was fun. After eggs and muffins, we began our voyage to Sandy Spit. On the way, we had practical exams. Everyone handled the task with perfect aplomb, even when Gabe’s water bottle fell overboard and there was a mad dash to positions as we tried to execute the man overboard maneuver for a red speck back in the ocean. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get our boat hook around the bottle in time, but hey, at least someone will find a water bottle with some very nice lemonade in it. After we finished our exam using a fender for the man overboard procedure, of course, we tied some knots. We sailed to Sandy Spit and dropped anchor. It’s beautiful, the water is so blue and we even saw a double rainbow. The island is so tiny, not more than a few miles across. But seeing our friends from other boats was loads of fun, and the beach was pretty perfect. Now there’s probably a lot more I could say, but I’m running out of space and time. If I keep going I’ll miss the barbecue, so bye, best wishes from Sambamba! date: Aug 10, 2017