Location: GHP, Peter Island, BVI

Twas the night before passage, the last one you know, and all through Offline, not a creature was stirring down below. When all of a sudden, the lights shone brightly as Nick announced this was his birth night. One, two, three the “Happy Birthdays!” they mounted until all eleven Nick had counted. Then what a day! What a lovely day! We raised our sails at the cry of haul away! Then with nothing but wind as our power, we were dazzled by the passing meteor shower. Soon, like water, the inside jokes began to pour, while Lauren and Nathan rekindled their prank war. At three in the morning, watch team two was returned to their snoring. Then at six, it was time to trade places, and we awoke to the morning sun in our faces. Coffee, Pringles, and nonsensical chatter had bolstered watch team one’s minds over their matter, but their sanity we surely did save, fore they wore the look of the sleep deprave. Breakfast, broken hearts and thoughts of home kept my watch team awake across the sea foam. At nine like the setting sun, one watch ended and another begun. But our plans were far from done. A cake we devised for the birthday boy, to be piled high with icing to bring him joy. So the cake was set in motion, for cooking is tricky upon the ocean. Then at noon bread, we did festoon with turkey, ham, peanut butter, and jam. Then whilst the country music played, Nick’s cabin Robert did invade. Thus began a great pillow war, the likes of which Offline had never seen before. Then at 12:24 watch team, one was sent to snore, and by 13:23 Virgin Gorda, we could see! We filled our customs and immigration while we studied for our VHF certification. At 14:22, the quarantine flag we flew and all hands on deck was called too! We checked through customs in old Spanishtown, but we had no intention of hanging around. For Great Harbour Peter was our final destination, and for there, we sailed with no hesitation. An hour sail and what did we see? The whole ActionQuest fleet in all of its beauty! The sun’s dying light sparkled on our beam, and we sailed like a mariner’s dream. We did it! We sailed! Our odyssey complete! From Saba to St. Barth, from corn wars to broken moors, from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the Quill, from birthday cakes to heartaches, no other boat could claim our skill! Oh, what a day! What a lovely day! And how sad I should see it die away, but everything has its final words, and these are mine, a pirate’s life for me and for all of Offline!