Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we awoke around 7:30. We were all pretty tired after a long night at Sydney’s Peace and Love. However, we still managed to surprise Bryant and Cayley with a pancake breakfast when they returned from their staff meeting. After breakfast, we motored over to Sandy Spit where we did our dives for the day. We dove at a site called the Playgrounds. This, by far, was one of the coolest dives of the trip so far. We found an extremely friendly turtle who would swim right up to us. One of the best parts of the dive is the rock formations and the coral that was on it. Some rocks are on top of each other and form cool little cave that you can swim through. After the dive we had our Equipment Specialist lecture part two by Tina. We took apart a regulator and learned how few pieces there are in one. After the fun lecture, we are now officially Equipment Specialists! Woohoo! We had a nice hot dinner of franks and beans, cooked by myself I might add. Right now as we’re cleaning up, we’re listening to Bryant’s electric jazz music. It’s interesting. Now it’s time for an exciting night at lifeworks!