Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started our morning with some delicious breakfast burritos with a nice view of Great Harbor. After breakfast, we had a boat wide clean and prepared for our day. My group, the Dolphins put together our dive gear and hopped on a dingy over to Orka Tew. Once we arrived all of the Dolphins had a dive brief, discussing the different types of symbiotic relationships. We then got to see some of these relationships in action on our dive. One of my personal favorite parts of that dive was getting up close to a cleaning station and watching the shrimp crawl around, cleaning the fish. We were even able to hold an arrow crab! Post dive, we chowed down on some amazing grilled cheese and lied down in the sun while the dive tanks were filled up. Later we went out to go turtle tagging, but the only one we saw swam just a bit faster than we did. We then headed home to Seas the day for a shower. Selma and I quickly jumped in for a nice shower while laughing our heads off at one of our boat’s inside jokes. To finish up the night, we are all putting away our gear and getting cozy for a nice movie night. All in all, today has been a great day with mixed feelings, I cant believe we are halfway done with this amazing experience!