Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The Love Boat crew started our morning with a quick sail to the Baths while having breakfast underway. We were the first to arrive, which was fun because we were the first to explore. It was so fun and exhausting! From there we went to Spanish Town and had cheeseburgers and stocked up on food and goodies. We hung there for a while and then sailed to Mountain Point where we are now. We had our second training session dealing with giving a panicked diver a flotation device. Daquar, the bro shark, was a favorite. While it was fairly easy for some people, some of us had trouble throwing. After that, a couple of us went wakeboarding.

Meanwhile, the shipmates were back on the boat enjoying a rope swing Sam had safely made. For dinner, we had good veggie burgers, and the squeeze question was, “what is your favorite toe, and why?” We had good responses.

Along with that, people mentioned our true laugh’ – our non-stop laughter – as their favorite part of the day. To explain that, we all stayed up fairly late, playing pterodactyl and showing our true laughs over and over. Oscar and Fritz’s laughs were the best. We have another lecture now to end a good day.