Location: Savannah Bay, Spanish Town, Onward to the Leeward Islands

This morning we were woken up at 6:30 by music blasting in our ears. We got ready and had a breakfast of cereal and fruit. Because we arrived at Savannah Bay so late last night, we didn’t have time to shower in the ocean, so we took Hibiclens showers down below. They make you feel unbelievably clean! After we were all clean and bacteria-free, Sam taught us about the different parts of the jib and mainsail, as well as what to do in a man overboard situation. Next stop, I steered our way to Spanish Town to fill up our boat with fresh water and get some last minute food.

Although we were there for longer than anticipated, we had a really good time sitting at the dock and exploring the town. Luca went for a little run and came back bearing fresh coconuts, while Camilla, Brooke, and Rachel did some yoga and other exercises. We opened those and shared them with the multitude of other AQ boats surrounding us. Since everyone in ActionQuest has heard about our new boat, we are constantly being visited by people eager to check out our new home.

Before heading out again, we took another round of showers. This time they were in the ocean. Jake and Mike had fun playing in the water while Gessica and Artem tried to wash quickly after preparing a delicious dinner. We are about to begin our first night-sail. Our next destination is about 18+ hours away. So we’ll have Charter navigating us until our night watch shifts begin!