Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up at Mountain Point. It was beautiful outside as we ate breakfast, set up our dive gear, and motored over to Coral Gardens. This was where we all did our second navigation dive. We were split into buddy groups and instructed to swim in a pentagon pattern having been given an initial heading. Once we completed this task, we had the chance to explore the plane wreck at the Coral Gardens. It was so cool. We all swam through it, and I was able to take a video swimming through the plane. After this dive, we motored over to the Chimneys and got underwater for a second time. The Chimneys were so fun to explore. We went through the tunnels and groves and saw so much cool aquatic life. Once this dive was finished, we sailed back to Mountain Point to anchor for the night. A group of us went water skiing and wakeboarding while the rest went snorkeling. We ate dinner and are now getting ready for our first-night dive. Gotta go!