Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Right now, I am experiencing the perfect buzz of contentment that comes from a flawless day. The pancakes, pizza, and ice cream that the Prosecutor consumed today are still filling me up, and my hair is not yet dry from swinging off a dock line attached to the boom and flipping into the water. Over the day, my shipmates and I have sailed from Marina Cay to Trellis Bay, and from Trellis Bay to Muskmelon Bay. While in Trellis Bay the flotilla went to port for three hours, and I had a great time lounging outside the grocery store filling my new friend’s phones with my number, swinging from a hammock, climbing trees, and discussing the elaborate vocabulary of Sherlock Holmes. The time flew by so fast that I nearly forgot my iPod on shore! Thankfully it was recovered, and I used my music to drown out my shipmates as they teased me about spending too much time on Laurasia, another boat. It was all in good fun though, and soon we were all laughing and singing and being loud together like only we can. Upon leaving Trellis Bay, our fabulous instructors decided that the Prosecutor could use a break from sailing instruction, so I eased the boat into a small cove where we anchored and set up the boom swing! Everyone had a blast climbing and jumping and flipping off the boat and into the water. Henry and Tucker both impressed me with their backflips, while Matthew practiced and perfected his bellyflop. Now that the sailing, swimming, and exploring is over and I’m starting to wind down, I feel a little bit bittersweet. There’s only one more week left of the program, and I know that I’m going to miss everything about it, but as I listen to my new friends talk and laugh and have a great time, I’m reminded not only what incredible things I’m doing and places I’m going, but also of the friendships with people from all over the world that I really hope I’ll remember forever. .