Location: West End

Today has been a crazy day. I woke up early (going to bed at 1 am out of pure excitement didn’t help). I had it lucky though because some people started traveling last night. After a plane ride, I finally landed in San Juan with my sister. Even on the plane, I could see ActionQuest was here. This made me burst with joy. Although tired, I was so excited and pumped to see everyone. The second I got off the plane I saw an ActionQuest staff member smiling from ear to ear. This immediately took away all the stresses of traveling. It was so nice to see someone so joyful to greet us. Then another staff member showed us what to do and where to go. With this information, we rechecked our bags and got boarding passes. Then we arrived at our gates for our next flight. This was only a 25-minute “puddle jumper.” I was pleasantly surprised to see at least ten ActionQuest shipmates eagerly waiting to board. After a conversation with everyone, we boarded our final flight to paradise. I was amazed by the pristine water. After passing over many islands, we finally landed at Beef Island. After clearing customs, there was yet again a cheerful staff meeting us.

Then all 21 of us boarded the truck/taxi/bus vehicle. After an adventurous ride, we made it to our boats. Mike was there to tell us our boats and how awesome this experience will be. I said bye to my sister as she boarded her boat, the Prosecutor. Then I practically sprinted to Distant Drums. It was the best feeling to get on the boat. I then met the staff and shipmates (soon to be mates) and got settled. After completing the swim test, I got settled, and I am about to start to help with dinner now. Today was a great day, and a fantastic way to start this ActionQuest experience!