Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

Today we had a late morning, meaning we slept 30 minutes more than usual. We had banana pancakes for breakfast, then some people went wakeboarding and waterskiing, and the rest of the people went zoomies on the super dinghy. Then we sailed over to Road Town, and Ethan and Sam had a boy’s day and got Oxtail, and fried chicken from a food truck and everyone else ate at the restaurant that was next to the dock that we got dropped off at. After that, we sailed back from Road Town to Great Harbor to Peter Island, and on the way, it was very wavy, and the whole boat was on the bow, and everyone got soaked with water because of big the waves were. After we got to the designated spot, we had a breakfast dinner, and Davis, a counselor from another boat, came over for dinner, and let’s just say it was very interesting. Then everyone went to bed a couple of hours later, and we all slept very well.