Location: Sydney, Australia

Day 4 After a good, but simple, breakfast of cereal and fruit, we all headed out to explore the Sydney Coast. Kate took us on one of the longest walks ever, but the amazing views and great picture taking opportunities made it all worth it. 😉 We stopped at a great cafe for a “second breakfast” and then spent some time on the beach. The water was so cold! A couple of people (not including me…) were brave enough to dive in, and Nick swam for what seemed like forever! After heading back to the hostel, we packed up most of our stuff and got ready for our tour of the Sydney Opera House. Our guide was passionate about the place, and he told us some pretty cool stuff. The Opera House is so famous that 4 out of the 6 billion people on the planet can recognize it! After that, we had some free time to explore the shops nearby. Who knew there were so many fake Uggs?! Everyone got some food at a French Festival going on; the Chai Tea Latte that I had was sooo good. Later, we all boarded the bus to an Asian food plaza for dinner.

The Thai food that a group of us got did not disappoint. Then it was off to the rugby game! The Australians get intense about their rugby. These two little boys behind us were yelling their heads off the entire time! Danielle’s Australian nanny, from when she was younger, and her son, Zach, happened to be at the game, so that was cool. We ended up leaving early because we were all so tired from our action-packed day (the continued jet-lag may have helped a little)! Today we’re off to the Whitsunday Islands, and I’m pretty sure that everyone’s super excited. Sydney was incredible, but I think that living on a boat’s gonna be cool too! -Allegra