Location: Maupiti

This morning we woke up early so that we could start our big hike before it got too hot. Though very steep and challenging; after around an hour we reached the top and were rewarded for our hard work with an incredible view of the island and its Motus (little islands). After taking the time to absorb and take pictures of the breath-taking landscape we headed back down. Once off the mountain we snacked on coconuts and delicious crepes and headed back to the boat. After a quick lunch and refreshing jump in the ocean, we headed back to Maupiti for a fun bike ride around the small island and stopped at a few nice beaches to enjoy and relax. After a second loop and last look at Maupiti, we returned once again to Pelican for a delectable dinner of chicken under a beautiful starry sky as a perfect end to what was easily one of the best days so far.