Location: Little Harbour, Jost Van Dyke

Hello, once again fellow shipmates, crew, and owners of shipmates (aka parents). We had a super early start today as we had the hike. Now as an English I wanted to beat everyone up the hike. Some of my fellow shipmates and I powered our way through. It was hard, long, steep, but did this stop us…no! We raced up the huge mountain and came 1st which made me feel good about myself, mentally and physically. At the to,p there was this old man who served us banana smoothies. Yum! On our way back we found something. Guess what it was. A cow! Then we had food at a really good place. After lunch we got we set voyage to Sandy Cay where we made (drum roll) sand castles! We made one of Ursula using Bubbles. We came in 3rd. After this we set sail. We went to Sidney’s Peace and Love where we had a mini party. The food was as good as tea and scones. I shall hope to speak to you all again soon. This is your friend, your family, your skipper.