Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

It was a sunny day, and like usual the wind was constant and shifted constantly. There were few large waves in the sea today. The Vegas had their first fun dive today. They were able to go down to 30 feet. During the same dive, the Barracudas were on the same dive just with a different instructor, and for different reasons. It was a rotation day, so we got to try some new things. During the rotations, we learned or relearned navigation, like the difference between a chart and a map. We also got to Pico, which is a plastic sailboat that only has one sail that is small. They are designed for one or two people. We also did some mooring drills, which is when we tie up to a buoy. I did the two jobs necessary, which were the helmsman, which is the person at the wheel steering the boat, and the other job for mooring is the hooker, which is the person with the boat hook to grab the mooring ball and tie the bowline to the mooring ball.