Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The sun rose with a good vibe . . . We sailed to the Baths while we all ate oatmeal. In the Baths, there is so much to do. You can jump into the water or climb through ancient rocks that were forced to the surface from the earth’s core. After leaving the Baths, we sailed to Spanish Town. Spanish Town was the first time we stopped at the port and were able to call our parents. After leaving Spanish Town, we sailed to Mountain Point to snorkel the site we would be diving later that night for our first-night dive. After a few lionfish, squirrelfish, and fire coral, we had an amazing dinner of veggie burgers. Then finally, the night dive! We saw a squirrelfish, a parrotfish, an octopus, and amazing bioluminescence. Then the best way to finish off the day/night was a birthday party for Tina, with the best brownies provided by Marina (aka Mama).